Private use of Laboratorio

Are you planning a party or private celebration, and you want to surprise your guests with something extraordinary? A cooking lesson with Laboratorio is the right choice. We will take care of everything – ingredients, beverages, decorations and entertainment. Everything according to your wishes, and to your satisfaction. Every participant will receive a fully equipped cooking station, apron, tools and ingredients. Simply come to us and we will get everything ready for you.

How does it look in Laboratorio?


Types of events we provide

There are no limits when it conserns private use of our cooking school. Press conference, teambuilding, private cooking lesson or bachelorette / bachelor parties. We take care of every event to the last detail. 

Private cooking lessons

Did you enjoy public lesson? Visit us again with your friends or business partners.

Rent of Laboratorio

We rent Laboratorio for press conferences, presentations or parties.

Private and corporate parties

Making your special day even more special. From decorations to the cake candle.

Professional kitchen rent

Looking for professional kitchen? We offer fully equipped and modern one.

Other private areas by La Collezione

Have not found your were looking for? Do you need bigger capacity or other location? In our Italian network La Collezione we offer you other private areas which can suit your private or corporate use.


Italian fine dining restaurant offers restaurant (80 seats) and bistro (20 seat) part. Separated rooms (50 seats) and garden (30 seats) are also available.

La Finestra in Cucicna

Also second restaurant by La Collezione offers separated room (wine cellar) with seating for 22 guests.

Bistra La Bottega

Well know Italian bistros La Bottega also offer place for your events. We are five times in Prague and we offer authentic Italian dishes.
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Krocínova 333/3,

110 00 Praha 1 - Navigate

+420 720 935 703

Monday - Friday 10:00 - 17:00

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Cooking Time s.r.o.
Kubelíkova 1189/29
130 00 Praha 3
IČ: 247 93 272

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