Gift vouchers

Give something truly extraordinary – a voucher for a cooking course at Laboratorio. The best gift is an experience that will enrich you, and provide happiness will last a very long time. It’s a beautiful investment
Riccardo Lucque, founder of Aromi and La Collezione network

Gift voucher of cooking school = perfect present for everyone

We plan our cooking courses with great enthusiasm, carefully teaching them to the last detail. And we spice it up so that everyone enjoys it, and it will surpass even the highest expectations. Come learn from us. Our courses are an enriching experience, and are more than just about cooking. You’ll not only learn about ingredients and new kitchen practices, you’ll also meet good people.

Why voucher from Laboratorio?

 It’s about sharing recipes, tips for restaurants and cafes, and the passion and love for food that connects us all. Many friendships have been cooked up in Laboratorio, and we are delighted that they have grown from our kitchen into your home. Laboratorio will never leave you empty. You’ll leave full of new ideas, new knowledge, new experiences, a great feeling and, of course, great food and drink.

Voucher for specific date and lesson

By purchasing this type of voucher, the space for the recipient is automatically booked, and they will be expected. It is possible to transfer this to someone else’s name, change the date, or cancel it completely. All information is available in our Terms and Conditions.

Open voucher „Cooking Experience“

Not sure which lesson will suit your friend or family member best? You can buy a gift voucher with an open date, valid for 6 months from the purchase date. The recipient can then choose which lesson and date they prefer. This voucher is 3 800 Kč.
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