About us

We are Laboratorio cooking school, a member of La Collezione network. Our mission is to teach you how to prepare your favorite foods, meals, and anything you want to try from our Italian bistros and restaurant. Or perhaps something that you would like to know how to prepare, but you just have not found the courage to try. In Laboratorio, we closely follow the newest trends in worldwide gastronomy, and we reflect that in our cooking lessons. Our team consists of only the most experienced professionals on the Czech and foreign gastronomic scenes.

Our mission

Our aim is to create a friendly atmosphere and to show you that cooking is really fun. In our kitchen you spend enriching moments with chefs and lectors, and afterwards you are seated in our comfortably furnished dining room, where you can debate and exchange your ideas and experiences with other participants.

For who Laboratorio is?

At Laboratorio, we have lessons for everyone. We teach beginners, culinary enthusiasts, and professionals who want to deepen and perfect their skills. We offer intensive courses, private lessons and group events.

Premises of the cooking school

Laboratorio can be found in the heart of the capital city of Prague, a few hundred meters from the National Theatre. Our school is easily accessible via public transport (Metro Národní třída, Tram stop National Theatre). On the ground floor, you will find a superbly equipped professional kitchen with a luxurious dining room and lounge area, and a wine cellar that can be used as extra space for larger groups.

Little bit of history

We have organized cooking lessons regularly since 2009. Thanks to the big success of workshops in the Miele showroom, Riccardo Lucque (founder of our cooking school) opened Laboratorio in 2011, close to the National Theatre.


Since then, we have presented cooking lessons open for the public, private lessons, team building events, unconventional birthday parties, product presentations, and press conferences. All of that available as a cooking course or renting the space.
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