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Mexico with Mexicali Mercado

Chef: Martin Polačko

What we will cook / List of Wines

Paloma - Tequila blanco, grep soda, grapefruit


Chips and Guacamoli - fresh chopped tomatoes, fresh jalapeňos, avocado, fresh cilantro and lime - for nibble during the whole class!
Tommy's Margarita - Tequila blanco, Agave syrup, lime juice


Chicken Tortilla Soup - chicken, chipotle, ancho peppers, avocado, cilantro, lime and corn tortillas 
Tequila Sunrise - Tequila reposado, orange juice, grenadine

Enchiladas con Pollo - corn tortillas filled with pulled chicken, grated Gouda cheese, avocados, Salsa Roja, sour cream and fresh cilantro
Salsa Roja - sauce made of Ancho chilli, tomatoes, onions, garlic and fresh cilantro
Tequila Anějo shot!

Chimichanga Banana - flour tortilla filled with bananas, cinemmon sugar, almonds, topped with ice cream 

3 800 Kč including VAT per person

Hola Mexico! Do you want to taste and get to know traditional Mexican gastronomy? Then welcome.
Mexican food impresses with its boundless imagination, variety of ingredients, recipes and flavors. Its essence is based on the combination of European and indigenous gastronomic traditions, but a lot depends on the region in which you are currently located. However, the basic and most important raw materials are basically the same in every region. When preparing their meals, Mexicans are primarily betting for corn, chili, cocoa and traditional herbs. Other important ingredients are nopal, rice, beans and tomatoes. And of course, tequila!
The head of the course and the head of the Laboratorio, Martin Kortus, brought the best to his team. He is a specialist in Mexican cuisine, in Prague Martin Polačko. The slovakian chef living in Prague gained gastronomic experience in varienty of mexican restaurants in Prague, followed by working and travelling in USA, where he learned all the new techniques in gastro. He is at present working as a special consultant for big company who distributes and craft mexican supllies for whole Czech Republic and Europe and its his, as he says, heart job! 
We will start with fresh and crisp Chips and Guacamole, so we can nibble throughout the whole class. This dish is based on avocados, freshly chopped tomatoes and red onion. Sedondary we must make Soppa Azteka – traditional mexican soup based on chicken broth with crisp tortillas, Ancho dried pepper, Chipotle peppers, avocado, lime and cilantro. This will heat it up the start. Followed by Enchiladas noc Pollo – worldwide most popular mexican dish. Rolls of stuffed corn tortillas could be served with different fillings such a minced meat, potatoes , but we will use pulled chicken meat. And then sweet Chimichanga banana with cinemmon sugar finished by ice cream.
We are exited to see you at our cooking school Laboratorio on our authentic mexican class with tasting of our great cocktails from Mexico!


Wednesday, 01/10/2024, 16:30 – 20:30


Martin Polačko

Martin Polačko, a Slovak living in Prague for over 20 years, who has travelled the world and his heart is Mexican cuisine. He currently works as a consultant and specialist for a company that produces and distributes Mexican delicacies throughout the Czech Republic Martin Polačko, originaly from Slovakia, is living in Prague for over 20 years and is well known as specialist and consultant for international company that produces and distributes mexican specialties throughout Europe. His passion for mexican cuisine started during his working and traveling experience in USA and then in very popular and famous mexican restaurant in Prague. He is intensively engaged in commercial cooking many years and has media fame around him. He loves cooking for kids and with them too. Mexican cuisine is due to his life experience forever in his heart.

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