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Christmas baking with Kro bakery

Lector: Týna Roubitschek

What we will cook

- Christmas stole with homemade marzipan
- Raspberry-coconut raffaello
- Pistachio rolls
- Masaryk buttons with pecans
- Lineck with homemade marmalade

3 300 Kč including VAT per person

Do you love the smell of butter, marzipan, pistachios, coconut, Linnaeus and a relaxed Christmas atmosphere?
Do you love the smell of butter, marzipan, pistachios, coconut, Linnaeus and a relaxed Christmas atmosphere? The premises of the Laboratorio Týna Roubitschek cooking school will be scented with exactly these essences a week before Christmas Day. She will bake dreamy Christmas cookies here. Join her, enjoy baking cookies without the hustle, stress and possible failure. Týna is part of the bakery crew at Kro coffee & bakery, where she bakes bread, baguettes, all kinds of sweet treats and, of course, sweets, so she knows exactly how to do it. Baking Christmas cookies with Týna will smell of well-being, love and joy from baked cookies that will delight not only you but also your loved ones at the Christmas table. The sweets will be traditional and at the same time creative, fragile, buttery, but simply a dream!
The first thing you will do is prepare your Christmas stole. Stóla, a typical German sweet, can be compared to czech "vánočka", but it is richer in taste. There are countless recipes and variants of it, the most famous are curd, rum, Dresden or marzipan, which is Týna's most popular. Are you looking forward to it? Another Christmas gem will be raspberry-coconut raffaello. The combination of fragrant raspberries with the delicious smell of coconut tastes good to both children and adults.
We can consider vanilla rolls to be probably the most typical Christmas cookies. According to Týna, these will not smell of vanilla, but of pistachios. Do you know this combination? Believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised and it doesn't change their fragility, they fall apart on the tongue and taste like balm to the soul. You may know the recipe for Masaryk's buttons, their main ingredient is, among other things, walnuts. But you prepare the edition with pecans, which is an invention of Týna and is famous. The end of the course will be marked by traditional Linz sweets with homemade marmalade.
Make the Advent season more pleasant and give yourself a pre-Christmas gift in the form of a dreamy Christmas cookie. We look forward to seeing you at the Laboratorio cooking school. 


Saturday, 12/09/2023, 10:00 – 15:00


Saturday, 12/16/2023, 10:00 – 15:00


Týna Roubitschek

Týnka is primarily the mother of a five-year-old son who replaced an office chair with a wooden spoon 7 years ago. And even though she is not a trained confectioner or a cook, food is the second most important thing in her life, after her son. She likes to make others happy, through the great food she cooks. Týna enjoys dancinghall and cooking with friends, so they put together the popular Jamaican streetfood @Yardieprague, which he devotes to during the summer.
She learned to cook and bake on her own, trying, tasting, and she was greatly influenced by her grandmother's kitchen, which inspires her to this day. She likes to build on their basic recipes and give them a more modern touch. In his free time, he bakes birthday and wedding cakes. Týna has gained experience in Bowl of Shoulders, Gingerbread's Dream, White Circus catering, King Solomon kosher restaurant and is now part of the Kro coffee team, where she bakes bread, baguettes and sweet treats.

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Christmas baking with Kro bakery

Saturday, 12/16/2023, 10:00 – 15:00


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