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Mastering the art of beef steak

Chef: Martin Kortus


- French style beef tartar
- Flank steak with lentil salad
- Grilled with chickpeas truffle purée

3 800 Kč including VAT per person

Beef steaks and their preparation. And often-discussed topic that will hopefully never go out of fashion. What kind of beef steak to choose? Is Rib Eye, Flank Steak, Rump Steak or Picanha of Beef Neck
Beef steaks and their preparation. An often-discussed topic that will hopefully never go out of style. What kind of beef steak to choose? Is Rib Eye, Flam Steak, Rump Steak or Picanha or Beef Neck Steak better? And how to properly cook a steak? Rare, medium rare, medium or well done? Are you still hesitating to answer these questions too? You don't have to anymore. The head chef of the cooking school, Martin Kortus, will teach you how to prepare great beef steaks with the "left rear". Tartare, two types of beef and original side dishes will greatly expand your cooking repertoire and make you the star of not only the grill. So let's get to it…
Right at the beginning, we will please the fans of raw meat, because we will prepare tartar made of beef tenderloin. But you can forget about the classic version. When preparing tartare, Martin focuses mainly on supporting the flavors of deep red meat. The beef tenderloin is therefore supplemented with shallots, anchovies, homemade mayonnaise and other ingredients that give the tartare the right flavor, but at the same time do not overpower the taste of the meat. You can eat the finished tartar on its own or spread it on bruschetta while slowly heating up the pan for the next course.
When preparing the Flank Steak, it will sizzle nicely in the pan. The most important thing will be to monitor the temperature of the meat so that the result is the best. During cooking, for example, you will learn when it is best to salt and pepper the meat. Is it better to salt and pepper before baking or at the end? Of course, Martin will tell you all the tips and tricks, he's a real pro and you'll get to know his passion for steaks firsthand. As a side dish, Martin chose a light salad of lentils, root vegetables, broth and spices. Here it will be essential to prepare the lentils al dente.
Now lovers of grilled meat and one of the most expensive ingredients in the world – truffles in the form of truffle vellutata and truffle oil – will find their place. Grilled beef neck with a very interesting side dish in the form of chickpea and truffle puree completes the steak menu. Although it is an earthy combination of ingredients, their combination creates a taste that will take you to the heavens.


Monday, 01/29/2024, 16:30 – 20:30


Martin Kortus

Martin is interested the most about gastronomy and everything around it. His passion for food starts in New York.
He has studied the french culinary institut in 1992 in New York. Since then he works as a private chef, gastronomical advisor, cooking class lector and also as a chef in Il Vigneto and Bettola Restaurant. He has also worked in hotel Josef and he has been cooking in Monarcha and "The national bank of wine" couple of years.


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