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Chef: Martin Kortus

What we will cook / List of Wines

Kaldoun soup
Turkey Punch - WT Rye, cranberry Cordial with spices, red wine and Aperol will be served at the start in a endless cup and will be able to refill from big pot punch throughout the whole course. 
Whole roasted turkey 14-14 kg filled with chestnut stuffing, traditional gravy, served with mashed potato with mascarpone, baked sweet potato puré, green beans with pancetta and cranberry sauce with touch of orange and ginger. 
Wild Pumpkin (WT 101 Bourbon, pumpkin Cordial and soda) - this fresh long coctail is a signature for Thanksgiving and is perfectly match with any item of the menu.
Pecan pie 
T.G.I. Coffee - WT 101, coffee liquer, Mr. Black, coffee, creamy foam with Tonka bean and Marshmallow.

3 500 Kč including VAT per person

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have prepared a cooking class full of delicious food and even better cocktails.
Together with the chef of the Laboratorio, Martin Kortus, who spent 20 years in Manhattan btw, you will cook a luxurious Thanksgiving 3 course menu in real american style. And that's not all!
Jaroslav Modlík nicknamed Bourbon Man, bartender from UPB, will also be present at the cooking class. With Jaroslav, you will mix 3 great alcoholic cocktails that will fit perfectly with the served courses. So come and enjoy the evening in the Laboratorio that you just won't forget.
We are looking forward to seeing you!


Friday, 11/24/2023, 16:30 – 20:30

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Martin Kortus

Martin is interested the most about gastronomy and everything around it. His passion for food starts in New York.
He has studied the french culinary institut in 1992 in New York. Since then he works as a private chef, gastronomical advisor, cooking class lector and also as a chef in Il Vigneto and Bettola Restaurant. He has also worked in hotel Josef and he has been cooking in Monarcha and "The national bank of wine" couple of years.


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