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Modern salad creations

Chef: Lukáš Pocnar

What we will cook / List of Wines

Potato salad with tenderlion steak - modern delicious cold salad based on potatoes, red onion and parsley. Unique taste is givin by salad dressing based on Dijon mustard and honey. And off course with that you gonna prepare your steak!
Caponata - amazing salad or relish is famous in south of Italy. It could be compare to ratatouille, as the main ingredience is eggplant with onions and celery roasted with fresh tomato ketchup, onion, peppers, basil, capary and olives.
Lentil salad with goat cheese - this typically mediterranean salad from beluga lentil can be as well used as main or side dish in many occassions. Salad is based on beluga lentils which is combine with sun dried tomatoes, rukola salad, goat cheese and walnuts. Ideal for vegetarians.
Hummus - or a dip or spread based on mashed chicpeas with tahini, lemon juice and variaty of spices. Domaine spices is roman cumin and garlic and more would be released for you during the course.

3 200 Kč including VAT per person

Lukas deducated this cooking class to a way of daily use of salad into our lifes. Fresh, creative and modern trendy way variations of salads.
Forget that salad is just a boring and necessary side dish for meat. We will show you how playful this food can be and teach you to prepare four imaginative salads that will inspire you to create many more. Lukáš will teach you new way of thinking of salads and how to implement them into your daily routine like afternoon snack, small family celebrations, quick lunch or garden grilling party. He will also give you tips and gadgets, how to make your salad more flavorfull upon your preferencies, so everyones salad could be made with a slighly new taste. Fans of healthy lifestyle or meat lovers will off course find their way in this cooking class!
Each dish will be provided by selection of wines from Albarelo!
So do not hesitate and come to enjoy this course in the Laboratorio together.
We look forward to you!


Wednesday, 01/24/2024, 16:30 – 19:30


Lukáš Pocnar

Lukáš has a lot of experience fe. in restaurants “Rybí Trh”, Les Moules and Renommé, where he participated in the opening of  “Oblaca” where he worked as sous chef. In the Zizkov Tower Restaurant, he gained experience from Andrea Accordi, a Chef who brought the first Michelin star to the Czech Republic. After he came to work to La Bottega di Finestra under the leadership of chef Riccardo Lucque and Radek Hasman. Now he is the chef of the restaurant of the Italian chain of restaurants and bistros LaCollezione, specifically at La Bottega Bistroteka.​

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